European Villages in the Heart of Texas

By Dan Goodman


Jeff Blackard is what happens when wealth meets creativity. Adriatica, his rendition of a Croatian village in McKinney, Texas, sticks out like a welcomely sore thumb in a sea of sprawling parking lots and gated communities.

photo from Adriatica Village Facebook Page

Now the Bible verses etched in stone throughout the village may not be for everyone, and the giant dove statue in the town square is a little peculiar, but what’s obvious when exploring Adriatica’s walkable streets is that it was built with artistic intent. This is what separates it from so many of the developments done since the auto boom.

Blackard’s current project, Barisi Village, is set to be built in Corpus Christi. The development has faced delays and the usual NIMBY opposition, but is set to begin construction this year.

Photo from

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