Mardi Gras Floats and the Removal of Statues

By Dan Goodman


Mardi Gras is over. The floats are back in their respective warehouses and everybody’s back at work. Every year I’m impressed by the craftsmanship of the floats and I wonder whether or not these skills could be transferred to a more durable medium. After all, there are now three empty pedestals where statues once stood. Regardless of one’s opinion on the removal of these statues, we can all agree that the Circle formerly known as Lee is looking a little bare.

Endymion, Bacchus, Zulu, Rex, Muses, etc. What if every Krewe was given a space to erect its own permanent float art? Perhaps a space formerly occupied by removed confederate general? These would be monuments to the spirit of Mardi Gras and showcases for the artists who put the magnificent floats together year after year.

Statues along with beautiful architecture allow for a city street to act as an outdoor public museum. A sentiment that should ring true for New Orleanians particularly not only because of the city’s history, but it’s unique dedication to aesthetic. It only seems right that we erect at least as many statues as we tear down.




Photo from WWL-TV


(Photo by: MyLoupe/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)



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